You will be shocked at what this browser does

Puritan blocks clickbait for fast, distraction-free browsing.

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Thoughtfully Crafted.

Puritan includes convenient, privacy-shielding features out of the box.

HTTPS Everywhere

Encrypt your communication with websites automatically.

Paywall Bypass

Puritan bundles membership to the world's best journalism so you never have to hit another paywall.

Built-In VPN Tabs

Completely seamless security and data privacy.

Robocaller Lookup

Suspicious call? Puritan includes a phone number lookup to protect you from robofraud.

No-Restart Updates

The best and newest version all the time, without having to close all your tabs.

Intelligent Summaries

Content is often extended to rank better with search engines. Read without fluff.

Dark, Handsome

A beautiful dark mode and blue light filter that syncs with sunrise and sunset.

Air Sync

Browse on desktop, send to mobile, continue on tablet. Seamlessly.

Don't settle.

Puritan is the most advanced browser in the world.

Be done with annoying clickbait.

Puritan uses state-of-the-art machine learning to block clickbait before it loads.

Ads send your browsing data to internet giants.

Puritan blocks ads with Integrated Adblock.

Fake news is a real problem.

Puritan flags fake news so you can trust what you read again.

No distractions.

Focus better with Puritan.

Ads and spyware slow websites down.

Try Puritan for up to 7x faster browsing.

Built to be private.

Invasive trackers and spyware leak information from regular browsers.

Puritan monitors network requests to keep your information where it belongs.
With you.

Mission Driven

Puritan will never compromise our integrity.

Regular ad blockers have been bought by ad companies.

Puritan was created to build a better internet. One that worked for the user instead of for ad giants.

Puritan can't be bought.

"Google, Microsoft and Amazon pay to get around ad blocking tool."
The Financial Times.

Stop letting internet giants profit off your data.

Request access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We'd love to talk. Contact us here.

How will you make money?

Our early access program helps us perfect our technology. As a small token of thanks for helping build a better web, our early Puritans will have access for free, for life.

At launch, we'll likely charge some small amount to pay our bills and fund future development.

We don't know the exact amount yet, but we intend for Puritan to be a world-class product at a very affordable price.

Will you sell ads like Brave does?

Absolutely not. We will never sell ads. Selling ads is part of the problem we are solving.

Is Google funding you?

No. We are beholden to nobody. We are self-funding Puritan.

Will you have an extension marketplace that anyone can add extensions to?

Third-party extension marketplaces are great as far as ideas go, but risky in practice.

Often, extensions become attack vectors for disreputable third parties to gain access to your private information and browsing habits.

As a significant security measure, we're electing to build in the most commonly-used extension features directly into the browser as first-party features.

"Massive spying on users of Google's Chrome shows new security weakness." June 17, 2020. Reuters.

Where did the idea for Puritan come from?

As former Google engineers, we believed in the potential of the internet, but felt it was being corrupted to sell user data and ads.

We had a vision of the future we still believe in—a vision of an informative internet; an internet built for connection and betterment, instead of an internet built to delivery annoying ads and distracting clickbait.

So we started building that vision.

The result is Puritan: the honest browser for smart people.

Where can I sign up for Puritan?

Great question. You can request access below:

Will you ever sell my information?

Never. We will never sell your information to anybody.

We stand firmly against internet giants' selling of information of private citizens.

Who should use Puritan?

Not everyone.

Let's be honest: our competition is free. Even though major browsers don't come with intelligent content filtering, it's hard to beat free.

We can't win everyone. Puritan is for those who value their attention and privacy.

Puritan is for those who want more signal and less noise in their daily life.

Puritan is for those who are dissatisfied by the status quo yet hope for a better future.

Will you let advertisers pay to bypass your blocking software?

Never. We think that is dishonest, low-integrity behavior.

We denounce backdoors, and we will always denounce backdoors.

What if your machine learning model blocks content I actually want to see?

We highly tune our clickbait and fraud protection machine learning models to avoid false positives, but from time to time, we may misclassify content.

To further reduce false positives, we developed our proprietary Entity Reputation Score.

However, even with our Entity Reputation Score, sometimes content will not be score as very clearly fraudulent. In these more borderline cases, we elect to overlay a warning on the flagged content and give you the option to dismiss the warning and view the flagged content, or open the page in another browser.

What is the Entity Reputation Score?

Our proprietary Entity Reputation Score boosts informative websites and penalizes junk websites.

For example, The Economist tends to write high-quality content and scores higher; Buzzfeed scores lower. Our state-of-the-art content filtering algorithms are stricter against lower-scoring websites and effectively take into account their historical reputation.

Free browsers are free for a reason.

If you're not the customer, you're the product. We will charge a competitive price at launch.

Thank you for considering Puritan.

The honest browser for smart people.

Questions? Ideas? We'd love to hear from you. Email us.

Want to help build the world's best browser? Get in touch with careers.

Built with passion in San Francisco, California.